#SOSUAsia 2016 Wrap up

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Incredible. I’ve just come back from #SOSUAsia‘s main event and I had to write this article to try and capture the magic that just happened. It’s just blown my mind to see that the energy from the inaugural ‘Sourcing Summit’ in 2011 has not lost it’s vigour over the years.

3 Things I Learned Sourcing from Events

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For a good part of last year I was working with start-up recruitment company in Singapore. I had a dual role to help them set up their research function as well as build a brand spanking new recruitment desk for an emerging industry. Not many people know this but I actually started my career as a 360 recruitment consultant and to be completely honest, the experience left me somewhat jaded about recruitment. It affected me so much that I was actually considering a different career path so when I took on this year long project in Singapore, it was a chance for me to revisit that recruiter role after years of specialising as a sourcer/researcher. Furthermore, it was an opportunity for me to try out some of the sourcing tactics I’ve been reading or dreaming about trying for years but … Read More »

Why Sourcers and Researchers aren’t Specialists

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Fellow research and sourcing specialist, it has always bothered me that when working in recruitment agencies, we’ve always seemed to function in a generalist role rather than our purported specialist positions. Even if we were working with the ‘digital team’, we would invariably be providing candidates for front-end developer, backend developer, UI/UX designer, account manager and sales manager roles. It was “specialised” I guess… in the same way that being a pilot equates to you being able to fly any plane. Having revisited working in a recruitment agency, what I’ve found is that more often than not, it boils down to the money…

Getting the most out of your Sourcing/Research function

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Disclaimer: I’ve spent years labouring over this topic. Similar to my previous post, I began writing this article in Nov 2011… The caveat to whatever transpires next is that I haven’t actually worked in an in-house role. From what I hear it can get a little manic.

Defining Research and Sourcing

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I first started writing this article way back when and at the time I knew I didn’t quite have enough experience under my belt to make a good judgement call on this. I needed to speak to more people, have experience in different roles, have exposure to how this distinction was being defined in different organisations. All I can say is that there’s too much hype around the expectations of a sourcer or researcher and the commercial value is not always considered especially when you’re mixing up the two terms.

“We can do what?”

So let’s try to set the record straight. Research and sourcing go hand-in-hand and there is a difference between the two in the context of your approach to finding candidates. There is also a difference between ‘proactive sourcing’ and ‘comprehensive search’ when considering your thoroughness in finding … Read More »

Taking Stock of Business: Research and Remuneration

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Today is the first time since I started Quest Research over 3 years ago, where I actually paid myself a bonus. There have been other lump sum payments in the past when I’ve allowed myself a little reprieve but those were to repay the funds I had lent to the company to get it up and running. Today was the first proper, non-payback (non-take back) bonus I received. 🙂

It was only a token amount, something to keep the workers happy (it’s a sole business) for working over the holiday period in my one man business. And to be fair, it was a long time coming because I had promised myself a bonus for the past 4 quarters but I never quite felt that I had enough in reserves to justify a “splurge”.

What struck me as odd was how little I … Read More »