Wotnews closes down on 23rd June!

Posted on June 19th, by Sourcing Ninja in Online Tools. 3 comments

It came as a sad surprise for me when I logged into my Wotnews account earlier this week to setup another feed. I was notified that after three years since its launch, Wotnews has decided to close down their operations.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Wotnews is a customisable news aggregation site. Sound a bit like Google News? Well, yes and no. What’s unique about their service is that it’s free to use for individuals! Well okay, that’s not unique but their technology enabled search from multiple Australian news sources (or international) and allowed you to customise your search for topics, companies and/or individuals. Similar to Google News you were also able to add your own news sources to search from. Not to mention they were an Australian startup that began initially as Plugger.com.au and I’m a massive fan of Aussie startups!

The ability to stream live news feeds about a particular industry, company or person is so powerful that the multitude of uses are almost endless.¬†Power is knowledge. ‘ Competitor intelligence’ first springs to mind for me. But for sourcing, think about the other “research” aspect of conducting market intelligence reports for a client or for your own knowledge before you engage the community… Want a touch point for a potential cold call? Having prior knowledge that your prospect’s company is cutting staff might be good to have up your sleeve and would certainly affect your approach. It would be equally important to know this if you’re pitching for work (jobs or projects). The list goes on…

So my conundrum is this: What’s a good alternative? I’ll have to look at this in detail over the few weeks but I’m keen to hear from the sourcing community (or anyone who reads my blog… anyone?) Come share your suggestions below or email me at ken@sourcingninja.com!

P.S. Boolean search doesn’t work in ‘Personalized Google News’. *Shock and horror*.

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