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3 Things I Learned Sourcing from Events

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For a good part of last year I was working with start-up recruitment company in Singapore. I had a dual role to help them set up their research function as well as build a brand spanking new recruitment desk for an emerging industry. Not many people know this but I actually started my career as a 360 recruitment consultant and to be completely honest, the experience left me somewhat jaded about recruitment. It affected me so much that I was actually considering a different career path so when I took on this year long project in Singapore, it was a chance for me to revisit that recruiter role after years of specialising as a sourcer/researcher. Furthermore, it was an opportunity for me to try out some of the sourcing tactics I’ve been reading or dreaming about trying for years but … Read More »

Getting the most out of your Sourcing/Research function

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Disclaimer: I’ve spent years labouring over this topic. Similar to my previous post, I began writing this article in Nov 2011… The caveat to whatever transpires next is that I haven’t actually worked in an in-house role. From what I hear it can get a little manic.

Searching LinkedIn for Regional Locations

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The above questions was posted on the Australasian Researchers Network group on LinkedIn. I thought I’d write a little post about this because it seemed like this was a common problem especially for those looking for people in the not-so-mainstream cities.

2012: The story so far…

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So here we are, it’s 2012 and Easter is already fast approaching. It’s only been three short months and there’s already so much that has happened.

Online Tool: Website down? Or is it just you…

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Don’t you hate it when a particular website you want to visit is down? Or worse yet, when it’s only down for you!

‘Finding Target Organisations’ Series – Boolean Search

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The next installment of our ‘Finding Target Organisations’ series focuses on Boolean Search. For this week’s example, we’ll be assuming that our client is Accenture — a management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company…