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‘Finding Target Organisations’ Series – Online Databases

Posted on May 27th, by Sourcing Ninja in Hints & Tricks. 1 Comment

Over the next few weeks I will be running a ‘Finding Target Organisations’ series. A good way to start identifying potential target organisations is by first looking at your client’s direct competitors. By targeting the competition, you achieve two things:

You strengthen your client’s position in the market by acquiring highly relevant performing talent.
You weaken the competitor’s hold in the market by targeting their best staff.

Fabricate an Email Address

Posted on March 27th, by Sourcing Ninja in Hints & Tricks. 12 comments

Let’s say you wanted to reconnect with an old client you haven’t spoken to in a while. You know they don’t like speaking on the phone, you’re not connected with them on LinkedIn and you can’t seem to find their business card that you exchanged with them during your last meeting. There are a number of ways to track down someone’s email address, but the easiest way I’ve found by online means is to simply fabricate their email address…

Voicemail and ‘Out-of-office’ trick

Posted on March 23rd, by Sourcing Ninja in Hints & Tricks. 6 comments

With the five day public holiday coming up in April, I thought it would be a timely reminder for a trick I found a few years back when contacting some ‘potential candidates’ in Victoria on Melbourne Cup day (a public holiday for Victorians). Let me ask you, before you go on extended leave (or have a state-wide holiday, as was the case with me) what is one of the last things you do before you leave the office?…

Searching for Expats on LinkedIn

Posted on March 14th, by Sourcing Ninja in Hints & Tricks. 1 Comment

Here’s one I picked up from the guys at LinkedIn. One common way of finding expats is to join an expat or a country specific LinkedIn group and conducting a search through their Members page BUT…

Reverse Engineer Private Profile

Posted on March 7th, by Sourcing Ninja in Hints & Tricks. 1 Comment

We’ve all experienced it before. We’re conducting a search on our LinkedIn profile, trawling through the results and we come across a profile that has the perfect background but alas, their profile has been set to private. The only clues left about their real identity are their ‘job title’ and ‘company’. Now I know what you’re thinking