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Sourcing Ninja presents: Not another NOT string generator… Not.

Posted on August 28th, by Sourcing Ninja in Featured, Online Tools. No Comments

I haven’t done much database bashing over the past two years but lately I’ve been working on some projects that made sense to start my search there. As such, I decided to build a NOT string generator tool (boolean search) to help me throw out some strings. With the help of a friend, I was able to translate it into PHP!

It’s nothing flash but hopefully you can make good use of it too!

Check out the ‘NOT String Generator‘.

Image: kraifreedom

Wotnews closes down on 23rd June!

Posted on June 19th, by Sourcing Ninja in Online Tools. 3 comments

It came as a sad surprise for me when I logged into my Wotnews account earlier this week to setup another feed. I was notified that after three years since its launch, Wotnews has decided to close down their operations.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Wotnews is a customisable news aggregation site. Sound a bit like Google News? Well, yes and no. What’s unique about their service is that it’s free to use for individuals! Well okay, that’s not unique but their technology enabled search from multiple Australian news sources (or international) and allowed you to customise your search for topics, companies and/or individuals. Similar to Google News you were also able to add your own news sources to search from. Not to mention they were an Australian startup that began initially as and I’m a … Read More »

MindMap Template available for Download

Posted on August 4th, by Sourcing Ninja in Online Tools. 2 comments

Due to popular demand from my last post on the effective use of MindMapping software for sourcing, I’ve decided to provide the MindMap template I was using available for download.

A Ninja’s Toolbelt

Posted on July 21st, by Sourcing Ninja in Online Tools. 5 comments

A Ninja’s Sourcer’s Toolbelt is never full – there are always cool new tools to help make our lives as Sourcers and Researchers easier. I thought I’d indulge in a bit of an ego trip like a hedonistic Quasimodo (who reads this blog anyway?) by compiling a list of my most prized tools (*my precious*) I currently use. As always, I’m on the hunt for something better…

Online Tool: Website down? Or is it just you…

Posted on July 6th, by Sourcing Ninja in Hints & Tricks, Online Tools. 2 comments

Don’t you hate it when a particular website you want to visit is down? Or worse yet, when it’s only down for you!

Pipl – People Search

Posted on May 7th, by Sourcing Ninja in Online Tools. 1 Comment

Here’s a nifty little tool to do some deepweb research on individuals. The minimalist interface is easy to use with the ability to search by location but the inability to limit your results using keywords is a major set back in my opinion…