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Ask Sourcing Ninja: What is the Deep Web?

Posted on March 11th, by Sourcing Ninja in Knowledge Base. 5 comments

Dear Sourcing Ninja,

Today I met a recruiter and he mentioned that he had access to something called the “Deep Web”. The recruiter tried to explain to me the difference between the normal internet I use and this secret dark web but I must admit I came out more confused than when I entered the meeting. Is there such a thing as the Deep web? If so then what is it and how do I go about navigating it?

-Skeptical HR

Ask Sourcing Ninja: Why Use Different Search Engines?

Posted on March 6th, by Sourcing Ninja in Knowledge Base. 1 Comment

Dear Sourcing Ninja,

I’ve just started a new role as a Sourcing Specialist at an established Recruitment Agency. While they have a strong recruitment knowledge base, they have decided to open a new in-house sourcing function to leverage this growing trend of internet research. Although I’m new at this, I’ve found some researching tips which preach using difference search engines to find information. Aren’t all search engines the same – Why can’t I just ‘Google’ it?