Searching LinkedIn for Regional Locations

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The above questions was posted on the Australasian Researchers Network group on LinkedIn. I thought I’d write a little post about this because it seemed like this was a common problem especially for those looking for people in the not-so-mainstream cities.

LinkedIn cracking down on privacy

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I ran into the issue of not being able to select any text from LinkedIn profiles a few weeks ago. The first thought that popped into my head was “they’re on to me”… but then I realised that it could just be a technical problem on my end so I decided to investigate.

After doing a quick Google and ‘LinkedIn answers’ search on the issue I realised I wasn’t the only LinkedIn customer experiencing this problem. After clearing all my cookies and caches’ and using three different browsers I deduced that this was problem perpetrated by LinkedIn.

I recalled a subscription news site that had a similar security feature which presumably prevented their competitors from copying and pasting their work and at the time I laughed at the notion because I simply ran a screenshot of the page through an OCR software … Read More »

‘Finding Target Organisations’ Series – Online Databases

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Over the next few weeks I will be running a ‘Finding Target Organisations’ series. A good way to start identifying potential target organisations is by first looking at your client’s direct competitors. By targeting the competition, you achieve two things:

You strengthen your client’s position in the market by acquiring highly relevant performing talent.
You weaken the competitor’s hold in the market by targeting their best staff.

Searching for Expats on LinkedIn

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Here’s one I picked up from the guys at LinkedIn. One common way of finding expats is to join an expat or a country specific LinkedIn group and conducting a search through their Members page BUT…

Reverse Engineer Private Profile

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We’ve all experienced it before. We’re conducting a search on our LinkedIn profile, trawling through the results and we come across a profile that has the perfect background but alas, their profile has been set to private. The only clues left about their real identity are their ‘job title’ and ‘company’. Now I know what you’re thinking