Ask Sourcing Ninja: Why Use Different Search Engines?

Dear Sourcing Ninja,

I’ve just started a new role as a Sourcing Specialist at an established Recruitment Agency. While they have a strong recruitment knowledge base, they have decided to open a new in-house sourcing function to leverage this growing trend of internet research. Although I’m new at this, I’ve found some researching tips which preach using difference search engines to find information. Aren’t all search engines the same – Why can’t I just ‘Google’ it?


Hello Confused,

Before we delve into how search engines differ, let’s first take a look at what is the internet and how it works.

The Internet is essentially a network of networks. It’s a mass conglomeration of computers spread across the globe, all networked and accessible to one another. Each cluster of webpages is found on a domain (e.g. which in turn is physically … Read More »