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Here’s a great tool to find old webpages from specific websites in the deep web. The interface is simple enough, just type in the URL you want to search from the archive and away you go!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane – remember how Altavista looked like back in 2001? Or better yet, during its infancy in 1996?

I suppose a more productive way to use this powerful tool is for sourcers to find historical data about business operations, previous staff, and past products or service offerings.

For example, say I was looking for a Senior Business Consultant for a Market Analysis and Business Insights firm. Apart from trawling through LinkedIn, I can approach this by identifying key competitors and targeting not only their current staff but also their previous employees. You can take this one step further by identifying staff who were one or two steps back from a Senior Consultant a few years ago. What you’re doing is capturing names who at present, would be at the level you’re sourcing for but in the Wayback Machine archives would be listed in a junior position.

So in our example, what you’re looking for when perusing the archives are the junior positions that lead up to a Senior Business Consultant, e.g. a Business Consultant, Senior Business Analyst, Business Analyst. Wayback Machine makes this task very easy. See here for the 2006 line up for Pathfinder Solutions.

Check out Wayback Machine.

Know another way you can utilise this awesome tool? Let’s hear it below.

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