‘Finding Target Organisations’ Series – Boolean Search

The next installment of our ‘Finding Target Organisations’ series focuses on Boolean Search. For this week’s example, we’ll be assuming that our client is Accenture — a management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company…

Boolean Search


Google’s ‘related’ Search is a powerful advanced Boolean Search Operator that relies on Google’s semantic technology.  In short, you harness Google’s technology to find similar organisations based on keywords.


related:[target organisation’s url]





As you can see, this simple yet effective search has produced a host of similar organisations for which to further explore and target.


Competitor Search

Another technique is to search for articles and web posts which simply state your client’s competitors. By using this method, you’re not relying on any keywords – instead you are relying on market commentary made by industry experts.

USE: “competitor of [company name]” OR “competitors of [company name]

EXAMPLE: “competitor of … Read More »