Don’t you hate it when a particular website you want to visit is down? Or worse yet, when it’s only down for you!

Here’s a tool I’ve been using that helps me find out if the website I’m trying to access is down, or if it’s just me… instead of having to ask a colleague.

For the times when the site is just affecting me I try using one of these methods to get it working:

  • Ping the site you’re having trouble accessing – Type ‘ping [domain]‘ in either cmd for windows or terminal for a mac. e.g. ‘ping
  • Clear your browsers cache
  • Flush your DNS
  • Restart your browser
  • Restart your computer (90% of all computer issues can be fixed with this)
  • Restart your modem – switch it off, wait 10 seconds, then turn it back on.

For the times when the actual website is down, you can always take advantage of Google’s Cached to gain access to the information on that webpage.

Google’s Cached works by allowing you to view a particular webpage as it appears on Google’s database. To get a better idea, check out my coverage on how Search Engine works. This means that the cached page is not necessarily the most up-to-date version but at least the information on the page is visible. I use this feature for information that has been posted accidentally but later taken down.

Note that if you know the URL of the webpage you need access to, you can simply plug it into Google and click on ‘cached‘ to access it. Or you can use the boolean operators – site: or inurl: to find the information you want within that domain. Don’t forget that Yahoo and Bing also have a cached feature so if the webpage you want is not showing up on Google’s cache, try using another search engine.

Do you use another online tool to help with your search? Or have another way to get around a website that’s down? Let’s hear about it below.

[Image from kirk lau]

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  2. Good to hear. Thanks for the support!

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