Online Tool: Website down? Or is it just you…

Don’t you hate it when a particular website you want to visit is down? Or worse yet, when it’s only down for you!

Here’s a tool I’ve been using that helps me find out if the website I’m trying to access is down, or if it’s just me… instead of having to ask a colleague.

For the times when the site is just affecting me I try using one of these methods to get it working:

Ping the site you’re having trouble accessing – Type ‘ping [domain]’ in either cmd for windows or terminal for a mac. e.g. ‘ping‘
Clear your browsers cache
Flush your DNS
Restart your browser
Restart your computer (90% of all computer issues can be fixed with this)
Restart your modem – switch it off, wait 10 seconds, then turn it back on.

For the times when the actual website is down, … Read More »