A Comparison of Boolean Operators between Search Engines

Irina Shamaeva has posted this easy to use (and frankly self explanatory) chart comparing  the different Boolean operators between the popular search engines. I’ve read reports that the Synonym (~) operator has been rendered obsolete as Google now enforces a synonym search for all their searches. However, I did a quick experiment to test out this theory…

Using the following Boolean string, I first established my base line:

(intitle:cv | intitle:vitae | intitle:resume | intitle:bio | intitle:about | intitle:profile) engineer php (sydney | australia | +61) -job -apply

The results of this string returned about 660,000 results.



With my lab coat on and smoking pipe in my mouth, I then plugged the following string into Google’s search engine. Keep in mind that I limited the number of variables to only that which we were testing between each experiment.

(intitle:cv | intitle:vitae … Read More »