How to Use MindMaps for an Effective Search

Dear SourcingNinja,

I read your article on a Sourcer’s Toolbelt and I noticed you mentioned using MindMaps to help with your sourcing. I recall using mindmapping back in the day for brainstorming and group work but how do you use it when sourcing?


Mapped Out


Hello Mapped,

You’re right in that mind maps are not a new concept and that they are very useful for brainstorming and group work. For those of you who aren’t familiar, a mind map is essentially a visual brain dump on a particular topic or idea. You can see why it’s great for group work because it allows you to get all your ideas down before going back and organising them.

As I mentioned in my Sourcing Toolkit post, I started my sourcing career using Mindjet’s MindManager but now I use MindMeister. The program you use doesn’t really … Read More »