Workshop 1: Glen Cathey on ‘World Class Sourcing’ (morning tea update)

The workshop so far…

What qualifies as World Class Sourcing – market coverage vs. quality search + speed?
Bullseye sourcing – a real eye opener for me considering I was brought up with the school of thought that you should start with a broad search and then searching narrow down the results, oscillating between the two until you have the right number of results (pendulum search);
Searching for the imperfect – people aren’t professional resume writers, does it matter if they have spelling error, if their CV/profile doesn’t look pretty or if they don’t have the right keywords? These are the types of people that your client/competitors overlook;
The power of the NOT operator – More on this on a later post but I’m guilty of not fully leveraging this Boolean operator;
Focus on the implicit requirements – More on this on a later … Read More »