Sourcing Summit – Workshop 4: Engaging Candidates After Sourcing


This was my highlight for the day. With the schedule at hand, I eagerly awaited for Riges’ workshop. The reason for my excitement was that I felt that this topic covered an area that isn’t often talked about (phone work) and I thought it would also offer me some practical knowledge for when I got back into the field. To say the least, I wasn’t disappointed.

To cut to the chase, this talk was ”short and sharp” [please excuse the pun]. We started off with a few introductory slides but soon the powerpoint stayed frozen on the slide with simply: ‘Q&A’ in bold. For me, it wasn’t the content that was important, it was the potential for a major mind-shift for those who were hesitant in leveraging the phone.

The messages that really brought it home for me were:

The importance of scripting
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