Sourcing Summit – Midday Update

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Kicking off with day two of the Sourcing Summit. The atmosphere is still buzzing and we’ve already covered 3 out of the 12 sessions for the day. Here’s what we’ve learnt so far:

Gavin Heaton (@servantofchaos) – New Frontiers for Sourcing Talent

  • #coffeemornings meet up every Friday in Surry Hills from 7am until “whenever people go to work”. A local meet up group for sourcers and social media experts.
  • Interesting point about the difference between social friends vs. personal friends.
  • 4 Phases of Community Growth: Map audience; Seed community; Cultivate conversation; Harvest for impact.
  • Three C’s of Community Engagement: Curation; Context; Connections.
  • “Share the message but own the destination”.


Brent Pearson – Role & Importance of Metrics in Sourcing

  • Remember to focus on the business aspects of sourcing.
  • “The war on talent is only going to intensify”
  • Develop healthy skepticism for sourcing and using social media for recruitment.
  • 4 Buckets that Social Media falls into for Recruiting: Searching; Advertising; Interacting; Branding.
  • Identify a framework to evaluate the social media strategies you use for recruiting to measure what works… More on this later.
  • Identify your sources for visitors vs. those with an expression of interest for opportunities vs. applicants.
  • Problems with metrics in HR: Lack of action from the metrics.


Andrea Mitchell (@andreamitchell) – Internet Search Strategies (more on this in another post)

  • Stressed the NEED to have a good briefing doc.. (+1)
  • Search approach – start wide and then narrow it down.

Up next, Jason Timor on Targeting Niche Communities’… Stay tuned.

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