Workshop 1: Glen Cathey on ‘World Class Sourcing’

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Following on from my morning tea update, the fun continued with Glen’s second half of the workshop.

I was intrigued to find out that LinkedIn did not have a keyword limit on the ‘people search’ or any of the keywords, title, company or school search fields. This meant that Glen’s bullseye approach of targeting the ‘dream’ candidate FIRST is very much possible. I’d check to see whether your ATS system supports such a large search string. The picture above represents an example string to find ‘top students’.


In addition, it is important to note that LinkedIn does not support stemming in their search. This means that searches with keywords like ‘manage’ does not include ‘management’, ‘managing’, etc. This is in contrast to Google’s in-built semantic search that automatically includes stemmed results.

On the topic of whether to build an open or closed LinkedIn profile, Glen was explicit in his advice to “build your network”. He later reiterated this fact at the end of his session when he remarked that recruiters should be the highest connected people on LinkedIn.

It was clear by the end of his workshop that Glen operated in a very methodical and structured manner when sourcing for his candidates which is probably what makes him so successful. Sourcing for him is a game of probability. With that in mind, it makes complete sense to be targeting those who have the highest rate of being hired by having all the right requirements – those explicitly discussed and those other skills implied in the position description.

The take away message for Glen was the Ten second rule: “If you can’t rule someone out in the first 10 seconds of looking at their CV. Give them a call.”

Do you agree with Glen’s ‘bullseye approach’ to sourcing? Or are you in the ‘pendulum search’ boat?…

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