Without giving too much away from Jim Stroud and Michael Specht’s workshop, we spent a good portion our time looking at a lot of really neat tools and exploring little tricks to find our hidden talent. All resources are available to attendees through Diigo’s ‘Sourcing Downunder Group!’ However, we soon realised that there’s more to sourcing than just new tools…

The idea behind targeting the ‘hidden talent’ is to find those people that no one else has tapped before i.e. the passive talent. Throughout the session, it occurred to me that a lot of the tools and techniques that were presented to us were just that – tools for us to utilise and to determine if they are of value to us as individuals. The benefits really depends on the industry that you’re working in and the propensity that your target market will have a presence on whatever platform you’re searching on. For example, if the candidates you are searching for do not have a Google+ profile then you can’t use findpeopleonplus to search for them. It makes sense right? No tool is going to be able to determine whether they are inherently relevant for you or not. It’s up to you as a saavy sourcer to either adopt or discard the tool. This should be a constant exercise if you want to stay on top of the game.

Nonetheless, there were some very cool tools out there of which I’ll share a few with you:

Diigo.com – an online collaboration tool that allows you to share bookmarks and notes and highlights within pages.

Watchthatpage.com – similar to Google Alerts but this tool allows you to monitor any changes on a particular website or webpage. Notification of updates are emailed to you.

Twellow – a powerful twitter account search engine. Its search is not limited to only bios like TweepSearch (before it was shut down) and Tweepz .

Yammer – essentially a private twitter network.

Tomorrow is another jam-packed day hearing from some very insightful and inspiring thought leaders.

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    Here’s a recap of yesterday’s event from Guest blogger @kfhew – @JimStroud session: http://t.co/75TYfDI #ATCSource

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