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The above questions was posted on the Australasian Researchers Network group on LinkedIn. I thought I’d write a little post about this because it seemed like this was a common problem especially for those looking for people in the not-so-mainstream cities.

Long story short, this is the response I posted:

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“I did some investigating and there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do it on LI, nor does there seem to be an already compiled list easily available.

There is however one way you can find out yourself but it involves a bit of grunt work. Just chuck the below string into Google and start writing down all the regional “x area, Australia” you see: “* area, australia” -sydney -melbourne -brisbane -perth -adelaide -canberra

The first page itself reveals that LI lists regional Australian locations such as: Cairns, Rockhampton, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, Albury, Wagga Wagga… The string returns 659k hits but when you click on page 10 it increases it to 1.27 million. As you start building your regional list you can start to omit them from the search by adding to the original string, for example: “* area, australia” -sydney -melbourne -brisbane -perth -adelaide -canberra -cairns -rockhampton etc etc…

That way you’ll only pull up the “other” regions that you haven’t compiled yet.

Hope that helps!”



For those of you who are interested to know what investigations I conducted, I’ve outlined how I came about my conclusion.


The Investigation

Step 1:

I first tried Googling it. I mean, why not right?… Unfortunately I could not find the answer in the first few pages despite trying a few different strings.


Step 2:

I then thought I’d see if LinkedIn already had the information readily available but “hidden” in plain sight. Seeing that the advanced search only allowed you to refine by zip code. I decided to see what we could find in the ‘Lookup’ option.

That link brought me to with a list of postcodes from all around Australia. I thought that perhaps LinkedIn had simple referenced this list to what was available on LinkedIn’s location search and that this might have been the solution. However, I ran a quick search for Wagga Wagga (postcode: 2650) on LinkedIn and it came up with profiles in the “Wagga Wagga Area, Australia” but unfortunately a quick find search (Ctrl+F or Cmd+F) (1) revealed that it was not on the list. Wagga Wagga was however found when I used the actual search box (2) on the site.


Step 3:

Next I decided to see if I could glean a list from their database through a drop-down menu by changing the location of my actual profile. I was somewhat disappointed to find that LinkedIn requires a postcode to identify your location…


Step 4:

Failing that I remembered that LinkedIn also allowed you to filter your results by location if you didn’t specify a location in your search. What’s more is that if you try to refine your search by typing in a country, LinkedIn will actually try to help you by providing a drop-down menu full of suggestions to help minimise your keystrokes. For this experiment I typed in ‘Australia’ hoping to access the haloed list of all available locations within Australia…

As you can see, unfortunately LinkedIn only provides some of the more “popular” locations in their suggested list. I thought it might have been the case that LinkedIn only provides suggested locations based on your network and seeing as my network for ‘Conditional Monitoring Technicians’ was fairly limited, I conducted the same test for ‘Engineers’ and ‘Managers’ as well. The results were the same as the above.


Step 5:

Lastly I tried using an omission search in both the ‘keyword’ and ‘postcode’ section of the advanced people search in an attempt to filter out the major cities and leave behind the regional locations…

I tried them individually and with the boolean operators “-” and “NOT” because I couldn’t remember which one LinkedIn recognised (I think it’s NOT) however to no avail.

From there my Google instincts kicked in and the rest is history… Check out the original post here and see what our other sourcers have to say!

-Sourcing Ninja


Let’s hear it below if you know of a better way to find all the regional locations available on LinkedIn!

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