SOSU12 – Perth: A KENTZian approach to talent management


Shane Barnfield highlights the importance of managing a pipeline of talent reminding us that its as critical as finding them. First and foremost, talent pipelining is not a database.

The KENTZ approach

What they do?

Maintain relations with their hard-to-find and high-volume talent. Not dissimilar to what agency recruiters do but it goes beyond the phone catch-up every quarter or so…

How they do it?

Shane sees that there are 4 key elements to talent pipelines:

1. Identification

Know what your business needs and profile the hard-to-find and high volume roles cf: Lou Adler. Know where to find these talent. They utilise external search firms to identify talent which they use to build their talent pipeline. They also rely on LinkedIn.

2. Qualification

Prequalify candidates through phone calls – not necessarily about an active job. This process is normally just an introduction and … Read More »