The Ethics of Headhunting and How to Mitigate it

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The Ethics of Headhunting and How to Mitigate it

In recent years there has been a lot of exposure around the practice of companies entering non-poaching pacts (see also here, here and here) to prevent their competitors from headhunting their staff. Aside from the legal issues, Fraser Hill takes a different perspective in his latest article and talks about the ethics behind using headhunters. Essentially he argues that there is no ethical dilema in companies headhunting from their competitors “because companies don’t own people”. Furthermore, he highlights the somewhat flawed perception that although it is unethical for corporations to headhunt directly from their competitors, the practice is condoned if it is performed by a third-party. He illustrates his point with the following example:

“In the criminal world, you’re still considered as bad as the person who pulled the trigger if you hired the hit man to do it. The person who hires the hit … Read More »

Choosing a Sourcing Platform

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Choosing a Sourcing Platform

Late last year I had a status update on LinkedIn that my business recently implemented SalesForce.com as our sourcing platform. Prior to that I wrote an unpublished article about the frustrations of not having a reasonably affordable solution. I didn’t end up publishing it because by the end of it all I realised that I had not really come up with a solution and it was literally a haphazard string of thoughts cobbled together into one semi-coherent rant.


Actual photo half way through my initial draft.


I’ve summarised portions of it to help put things into perspective.



I’ve re-written this section more times than I care to remember in the hope of keeping it short and succinct. The final iteration is as follows:

“It is so frustrating that there are no reasonably affordable solutions based in the cloud that is catered specifically for sourcing. I’ve … Read More »