Getting the most out of your Sourcing/Research function

Disclaimer: I’ve spent years labouring over this topic. Similar to my previous post, I began writing this article in Nov 2011… The caveat to whatever transpires next is that I haven’t actually worked in an in-house role. From what I hear it can get a little manic.


Working as a Sourcer

I’ve often been described as a tool… and sometimes also in the context of my sourcing ability. When I’m running a project I use to think of myself as either a scalpel or a sledge hammer depending on the finesse required of the project. What businesses have always understood and what I, as a sourcer, only realised later is that sourcing is just that – a tool in a business’ arsenal to inject new lifeblood into an organisation. It’s a tool that can be initially blunt but sharpened over time and … Read More »