#SOSUAsia 2016 Wrap up

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[Good vibes at #SOSUAsia 2016]

Incredible. I’ve just come back from #SOSUAsia‘s main event and I had to write this article to try and capture the magic that just happened. It’s just blown my mind to see that the energy from the inaugural ‘Sourcing Summit’ in 2011 has not lost it’s vigour over the years.

We had such a great line up of local, regional and international speakers today. I thought I’d share some of the notes I jotted down/lessons learned from some of the speakers for those who couldn’t make it. I’m also writing this down for my own references because let’s face it, the only person who reads this blog is me… and maybe my Mum. 😁


Good to Great: Anatomy of a World Class Sourcer
Jonathan Campbell – Founder, Social Talent

  • Talked about adding emotion into our emails when we reach out to candidates
  • The data suggests that a little emotion in our (personalised) emails elicits a greater response than a neutrally emotive (plain) email
    • Be wary of using TOO MUCH emotive words (fantastic, blew my mind, awesome, etc) and of course remember to tailor your message to your audience
    • Suggested using emojis as part of the outreach message to keep things light
  • 70-125 words for an email is the sweet-spot to introduce yourself, explain why you’re emailing and asking if the talent is interested exploring your opportunity further
  • Don’t stop at 1 or 2 attempts to contact prospective candidates. Always persevere.
  • Email response rates are best for when emails are sent at 6am or 8pm

[Click here for source data]

  • Use Outlook delay delivery or Boomerang if you’re using Google Apps
  • SM usage in Singapore

[SM usage in Singapore. Click here for source data.]

Turning Your Personal Brand Into A Sourcing Advantage
Jim Stroud – Senior Director, Randstad Sourceright

  • Talked about the benefits of positioning your own personal brand to help attract the best talent
    • I wonder if this will have the same affect for in-house teams when you’re not just looking after a handful of roles but helping to support a business unit. In addition, what happens when you rotate to another part of the business e.g. from Sales to Technology?
  • Use Buffer to post on multiple SM channels and to set timing
    • Does anyone still use Hootsuite?


New Frontiers For Talent Sourcing In Asia – Philips Case Study
Leon Kwang – Head of Sourcing, Philips

  • Shared in great detail the sourcing function within Phillips. Quite comprehensive.
  • Breakdown of BAU recruitment, high value targets and outsourced reqs with low returns
  • Leveraging market intelligence for recruitment: Industry news, competitor performance, organization changes, key appointments, labour market trends, market rumours, candidate insights


Data & Market Intelligence-Driven Sourcing For Asia
Michelle Han – Talent Sourcing Hub Director, Microsoft


  • Started off talking about ‘Hiring is like Fire Fighting’. Takes us on a journey of how Microsoft prevents these fires from happening…
  • Executive to VP level hires: 145 days-to-fill
  • Reduced agency usage from 20% to 1%
  • Showcased incredible market mapping exercise of their key competitors from data sourced from LinkedIn, Facebook and other sources(?) which was cross-referenced with contacts in the industry
  • Gathered intelligence down to the level of Compensation & Benefits for each of the competitors complete with band levels, the salary within those bands and years of experience
  • Able to build business trust with market maps and C&B intel
  • Push for the Hiring Managers as the talent ambassadors that own the long-term relationship with the candidates as Ali Baba is doing
  • Currently have CRM + recruitment system
  • All market intel was stored and organised in excel and sharepoint… Surprising!

Next Generation Sourcing
Michael Wright – GroupM

[The recap just about sums it up…]

[The recap just about sums it up…]

  • Tools of Gamecraft
    • PikToChart.com – “Makes your sexy graphs look sexier”
    • Canva – “Photoshop made easy”
    • Qzzr.com – For quiz creation
    • SME – The subject matter expert to help craft the quizz
    • JobVite – CRM/ATS
    • Bit.ly – To measure your ROI: Total clicks, Twitter, Facebook, etc


Redefining The Art & Science Of Candidate Engagement
Katrina Collier – Founder, Winning Impression

  • Company reviews – besides Glassdoors try Indeed.com or FB reviews
  • TOOLS: Discover.ly and Prophet
[Closed off with a Japanese custom]

[Closed off with a Japanese custom]

Other Tips:

  • Kwintessential.co.uk – handy for if you’re sourcing in different countries and you want to be aware of some of the cultural sensitivities -Balazs Paroczay


Thanks to:
Phil Tusing for bringing #SOSUAsia to Singapore, Ranstad SourceRight as a major sponsor and HackerTrail for supplying the prize I won! 😀

If you want to share the parts I missed or add to the ones I covered, feel free to do so in the comments section below!

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