Wotnews closes down on 23rd June!

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Wotnews closes down on 23rd June!

It came as a sad surprise for me when I logged into my Wotnews account earlier this week to setup another feed. I was notified that after three years since its launch, Wotnews has decided to close down their operations.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Wotnews is a customisable news aggregation site. Sound a bit like Google News? Well, yes and no. What’s unique about their service is that it’s free to use for individuals! Well okay, that’s not unique but their technology enabled search from multiple Australian news sources (or international) and allowed you to customise your search for topics, companies and/or individuals. Similar to Google News you were also able to add your own news sources to search from. Not to mention they were an Australian startup that began initially as Plugger.com.au and I’m a … Read More »

Setup your sourcing function like a startup

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Setup your sourcing function like a startup


Bill Bartee, venture capitalist speaking at Recruiters’ Hub last week offered his thoughts on what works and what does not for startups. Much of what he said can be applied to establishing sourcing functions:

1. No problem = No business
This simple equation is important when you’re busy writing up business cases for budget approvals and drafting business plans. Even after you have transitioned from conception to operation, I think it’s important to remind yourself of this simple fact. Always be cognisant of the value that you’re providing to your customer. You need to know why your sourcing function exists in the first place or else it will be a hard sell convincing anyone to retain it.

2. Only hire A+ people
This notion can be found countless of times in any book about starting a business or leadership. The key point … Read More »

LinkedIn cracking down on privacy

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LinkedIn cracking down on privacy


I ran into the issue of not being able to select any text from LinkedIn profiles a few weeks ago. The first thought that popped into my head was “they’re on to me”… but then I realised that it could just be a technical problem on my end so I decided to investigate.

After doing a quick Google and ‘LinkedIn answers’ search on the issue I realised I wasn’t the only LinkedIn customer experiencing this problem. After clearing all my cookies and caches’ and using three different browsers I deduced that this was problem perpetrated by LinkedIn.

I recalled a subscription news site that had a similar security feature which presumably prevented their competitors from copying and pasting their work and at the time I laughed at the notion because I simply ran a screenshot of the page through an OCR software … Read More »

2012: The story so far…

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2012: The story so far…

So here we are, it’s 2012 and Easter is already fast approaching. It’s only been three short months and there’s already so much that has happened.

Australian sourcing industry gets serious…

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A spectre is haunting our industry – the spectre of sourcing. Too long have we spent time under the shadow of recruiters, under the guise of recruitment. Fellow sourcers, I am tired of having to explain our value-add to people who just don’t get it, to justify our worth to businesses who simply aren’t interested in moving beyond the status quo, and I am tired of having to validate our very existence.

Right now, as we’re starting to gain some real visibility, it is time for us to properly define ourselves and consolidate ourselves as a unified industry. The community has its eyes on us and it’s up to us to show them who we are, beyond recruitment, marketing or a PR piece, and to carve out our own future.

[box type=”info”]Come join us in tackling some of our biggest … Read More »

Sydney Sourcing Networking Event

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Come ye, come all to the inaugural ‘Sourcer Networking Drinks’ on Thursday 29th September from 5.30pm hosted at the recently renovated Emperor Lounge, The City Hotel (Corner of King St & Kent St). Join in with hearty debate and friendly banter over the status of the sourcing profession and how to improve it.  Sharing their thoughts and no doubt to add fuel to the fire the panelists include Mark Reilly (HRX), Vanina Santana-Sweeney (Deloitte) and yours truly… Why you would come to see moi is beyond me but two out of three is not bad. 😉

I hope to see you there!


A message from the organisers:

Drinks are buy your own, but if you can think of a snappy name for this event for the future, let us know, as the best answer will be announced on the night and will win a FREE DRINK!! (Yeah, now … Read More »