#SOSUAsia 2016 Wrap up

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#SOSUAsia 2016 Wrap up

Incredible. I’ve just come back from #SOSUAsia‘s main event and I had to write this article to try and capture the magic that just happened. It’s just blown my mind to see that the energy from the inaugural ‘Sourcing Summit’ in 2011 has not lost it’s vigour over the years.

SOSU12 – Perth: A KENTZian approach to talent management

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SOSU12 – Perth: A KENTZian approach to talent management


Shane Barnfield highlights the importance of managing a pipeline of talent reminding us that its as critical as finding them. First and foremost, talent pipelining is not a database.

The KENTZ approach

What they do?

Maintain relations with their hard-to-find and high-volume talent. Not dissimilar to what agency recruiters do but it goes beyond the phone catch-up every quarter or so…

How they do it?

Shane sees that there are 4 key elements to talent pipelines:

1. Identification

Know what your business needs and profile the hard-to-find and high volume roles cf: Lou Adler. Know where to find these talent. They utilise external search firms to identify talent which they use to build their talent pipeline. They also rely on LinkedIn.

2. Qualification

Prequalify candidates through phone calls – not necessarily about an active job. This process is normally just an introduction and … Read More »

SOSU12 – Perth: A Monadelphous Sourcing Team

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SOSU12 – Perth: A Monadelphous Sourcing Team


Mahsuri Bianchi talks about how best to build a sourcing capability from an internal perspective at Monadelphous, an Engineering firm. She covered what it takes to be a successful sourcer in the world of engineering, resources, energy and infrastructure.

When she was brought on-board to build a sourcing team she found that there was more administration activity than “pure recruiting”, a frustration many internal recruiters share. She hired end-to-end recruiters however she found that some were initially disenchanted. Specifically she found that they simply had no time to:

Fill out job briefs
Properly respond to candidates, if at all
Phone screen candidates

She reminds us that candidate is king especially for hard-to-fill roles. To address this, she implemented a sourcing team that functioned as an internal search service with minimal administration that were empowered to affect change and to be able to use … Read More »

Setup your sourcing function like a startup

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Setup your sourcing function like a startup


Bill Bartee, venture capitalist speaking at Recruiters’ Hub last week offered his thoughts on what works and what does not for startups. Much of what he said can be applied to establishing sourcing functions:

1. No problem = No business
This simple equation is important when you’re busy writing up business cases for budget approvals and drafting business plans. Even after you have transitioned from conception to operation, I think it’s important to remind yourself of this simple fact. Always be cognisant of the value that you’re providing to your customer. You need to know why your sourcing function exists in the first place or else it will be a hard sell convincing anyone to retain it.

2. Only hire A+ people
This notion can be found countless of times in any book about starting a business or leadership. The key point … Read More »

Sydney Sourcing Networking Event

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Come ye, come all to the inaugural ‘Sourcer Networking Drinks’ on Thursday 29th September from 5.30pm hosted at the recently renovated Emperor Lounge, The City Hotel (Corner of King St & Kent St). Join in with hearty debate and friendly banter over the status of the sourcing profession and how to improve it.  Sharing their thoughts and no doubt to add fuel to the fire the panelists include Mark Reilly (HRX), Vanina Santana-Sweeney (Deloitte) and yours truly… Why you would come to see moi is beyond me but two out of three is not bad. 😉

I hope to see you there!


A message from the organisers:

Drinks are buy your own, but if you can think of a snappy name for this event for the future, let us know, as the best answer will be announced on the night and will win a FREE DRINK!! (Yeah, now … Read More »

ATC SourcEvent 2011 – In the eyes of a sourcer…

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ATC SourcEvent 2011 – In the eyes of a sourcer…


It’s been just over a week since ATC SourcEvent 2011 in Melbourne, Australia.  I originally intended to post up something a lot sooner, but there was just so much information to digest (not to mention the amount of work I had on my desk that I needed to catch up on) that I decided to take some time out for it to all settle in. The story continues…