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Sourcing Summit – Workshop 4: Engaging Candidates After Sourcing

Posted on August 11th, by Sourcing Ninja in Events, Sourcing Summit 2011. 1 Comment


This was my highlight for the day. With the schedule at hand, I eagerly awaited for Riges’ workshop. The reason for my excitement was that I felt that this topic covered an area that isn’t often talked about (phone work) and I thought it would also offer me some practical knowledge for when I got back into the field. To say the least, I wasn’t disappointed.

Voicemail and ‘Out-of-office’ trick

Posted on March 23rd, by Sourcing Ninja in Hints & Tricks. 6 comments
Voicemail and ‘Out-of-office’ trick

With the five day public holiday coming up in April, I thought it would be a timely reminder for a trick I found a few years back when contacting some ‘potential candidates’ in Victoria on Melbourne Cup day (a public holiday for Victorians). Let me ask you, before you go on extended leave (or have a state-wide holiday, as was the case with me) what is one of the last things you do before you leave the office?…