Choosing a Sourcing Platform

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Choosing a Sourcing Platform

Late last year I had a status update on LinkedIn that my business recently implemented as our sourcing platform. Prior to that I wrote an unpublished article about the frustrations of not having a reasonably affordable solution. I didn’t end up publishing it because by the end of it all I realised that I had not really come up with a solution and it was literally a haphazard string of thoughts cobbled together into one semi-coherent rant.


Actual photo half way through my initial draft.


I’ve summarised portions of it to help put things into perspective.



I’ve re-written this section more times than I care to remember in the hope of keeping it short and succinct. The final iteration is as follows:

“It is so frustrating that there are no reasonably affordable solutions based in the cloud that is catered specifically for sourcing. I’ve … Read More »